Saturday, May 5, 2012

Exhibition celebrates beauty – strength of Paso horses in Doha Qatar

Artist Ana Maria Garcia Montero with one of her pictures

The beauty, majesty and strength of Paso horses are being showcased at a photo art exhibition “Andares: Peruvian Paso Horse” by  Peruvian artist Ana María García Montero.

The exhibition is being held by the embassy of Peru in Qatar in collaboration with Katara Cultural Village, International Bank of Qatar (IBQ), Qatar Photographic Society and the Peruvian Paso Horse Association.
The exhibition, which is open at the Qatar Photographic Society (building 18) at Katara, features different pictures of Paso horses, which are being viewed as a piece of rich national heritage recognised worldwide.

Some of the works on display at the exhibition
The Peruvian Paso horse is a flagship product of Peru, created by Peruvians over centuries through a long process of purification and selection, from the Spanish horses that arrived during the time of the Conquista (XVI century).

These Spanish horses mostly came from three bloodlines: the Castilian, the Andalusian and the Jaca.  It is a breed unique in the world distinguished by its way of walking, which is known as an amble, meaning a gait
Some of the works on display at the exhibition
composed of lateral movements.

The exhibition is open between 10am-10pm and will continue until May 19.
from Gulf-Times

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