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Dash of Arabic culture through a classical dish in Doha Qatar

MAqam during an earlier performance in Doha
MAqam during an earlier performance in Doha

The maqam music ensemble, comprising musicians from the Arab world, will showcase Arabic culture through classical music on Wednesday evening as al-Yamani MAias performs alongside five others as part of the which he formed the group in Austria some seven years ago.

Al-Yamani is a Syrian violinist WHO joined the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO) three years ago, and he will be leading the concert on Wednesday evening, the which he will expose the audience Hopes to Arabic music and culture and Encourage further interest in art from the region.

"When we play, we usually get an excellent response from the audience Because we are unique and (are) all Arab musicians," he of toll Gulf Times, adding: "Our music represents our culture and we feel much more when we play music INVOLVED from our backgrounds. "

Al-Yamani will be joined by Islam Nour on violin, Islam Abd Elaziz on viola, Hasan Moataz on cello, Hosam Hagag on double bass, and George Oro on percussion.

Al-Yamani has performed with stations across the world, taking Their unique juxtaposition of Eastern and Western culture to Washington, Saint Petersburg, Tehran, Vienna, Beirut, Santa Domingo, and Moscow Among other destinations over the past year, and Wednesday will see them Make Their first public performance in Doha for a number of years.
The program, "Around the Arab World in 80 Minutes", has been well received around the world, and al-Yamani is Hopeful That the local audiences will be similarly interested in the group's message and style.

"This program is both different and similar - the music has been written in the classical concerto style, but by different Composers from the Arab world," he explained, Noting "there are a lot of Arabic spices, but all in one meal".
The concert will feature a number of pieces composed specifically for the ensemble by the Composers throughout the region, but al-Yamani and his group work on the arrangements together, Bringing them closer to the music and stamping Their Own identity on the performance.

"This is music That is not well known around the world, but we are very glad people are enjoying it That," he said, Explaining That audience members in the past have developed an interest in Arabic culture through listening to this concert program.

"Arabic culture is not tabouleh, hummous and belly-dancing - many people do not know about the history of Arab culture," al-Yamani said, adding: "We are Trying to Represent the real core of our culture, and that 'is a very big responsibility for us. "
"Music is a basic stone of the building of Arab culture, and we have to show the very best to Encourage more listening," he Stated.

The violinist praised Qatar's Efforts to promote culture throughout the country, and said That he is happy to see That the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra is beginning to develop its identity as a group.
He also highlighted the significance of music in education, referring to Ancient Greek philosophers WHO placed high importance on music in relation to general learning.

"It helps you to organise your mind and to think in a different way, it helps develop character, social skills, creativity and a culture of teamwork Among many other skills," he Argued. "It is enormously Important to support people through culture and education, and this country is doing very well."

Tickets for the concert are available at Virgin Megastores and on the door at the Katara Opera House on Wednesday evening, when the program will begin at 7.30pm.

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