Monday, February 13, 2012

Centrepoint Mall (also known as Al Asmakh Mall)

Centerpoint Mall (Al-asmakh Mall)
Centerpoint Mall (Al-asmakh Mall)

Centrepoint (also known as Al Asmakh Mall) is a large shopping center in the Al Sadd area of Doha. It houses the Centrepoint department store, as well as numerous other shops, an entertainment area and a food court. Underground parking is available.

Centerpoint Mall inside
Centerpoint Mall inside

Inside Al Asmakh Mall you will find

Babyshop (Al Asmakh Mall) (Children clothes)
Emax (Al Asmakh Mall) (Electronics shop/Kitchen appliances)
Splash (Al Asmakh Mall) (Fashion boutique/Luggage & leather shop)
Home Centre (Al Asmakh Mall) (Furniture shop)
Damas (Al Asmakh Mall) (Jeweller)
Marzooq Al Shamlan & Sons (Al Asmakh Mall) (Jeweller)
Qatar Optics (Al Asmakh Mall) (Optician)
Asgharali Perfumes (Al Asmakh Mall) (Perfume & cosmetic)
Bata Shoes (Al Asmakh Mall) (Shoe shop)
City Lifestyle (Al Asmakh Mall) (Shoe shop/Luggage & leather shop)
Shoe Mart (Al Asmakh Mall) (Shoe shop)
Kappa (Al Asmakh Mall) (Sport shop)

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  1. I think it would be fair to call this a small mall.
    To make this more useful, could you post opening hours?

  2. That's right, geckozo.. it's really a small only
    Thank you for your advice ...
    later I will do your idea to make useful posting..