Gondolania Villagio Mall

Only Gondolania is where you can find classic Ferris wheel, carousel, bumper cars, ride hard and Horror Dark Bowling (the state of the art of go kart racing, 12-lane designed by Pininfarina, the world famous car designer), 4D theater, plus a video game / simulation of the newest and gift / redemption machine. We also offer world-class restaurants, cafes and food spaces with plenty of eateries to choose from.
Gondolania Villagio Mall There are good shops and kiosks around the park too. Gondolania characteristics of pure excitement and variety of recreational activities and entertainment for children and families, because it’s never fun Gondolania stops!
The official opening launched last April 7-9, 2011, and the three-day spectacle was witnessed by thousands of people across Qatar. 22 000 square meter garden has a series of soft openings for a full year, because only some of the attractions are in place. Population of Qatar has been able to use each section as it becomes available. Gondolania fully operational. All rides and games are ready to bring joy to people of all ages.
Roller coaster of a unique and impressive sound of light became known, which are synchronized with the trip. Sequence of different sounds and light show will take place during the course of three minutes, creating a spectacular setting throughout the park. This is the first time in the event of this caliber has ever tried any park.
Gondolania Coaster in hole
Gondolania Coaster in hole
Gondolania the name of the Venetian boat (gondola) Item watercanal Villaggio mall. Internal garden is equipped with a variety of rides and attractions, including the roller coaster that takes riders turn almost to the ceiling, before falling 19 feet underground. Another great attraction is the only 4D cinema in the country offers a cinematic experience that is very realistic, with seats that operated in air servo motion and special effects that include front air jet, water spray, neck and reminders of the legs and seat vibration. Bowling, go-kart track, drop tower, bumper cars, carousel, Ferris wheel, train children and party room are also part of the entertainment available in the amusement park.

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