Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dukedoms win battle of the bands

The Dukedoms, who won the battle of the bands, The Clash

The annual battle of the band, known as the Clash was held at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, with Dukedoms emerged victorious in the final heat and set forth the best band in Doha.The sixth year the competition saw ten bands competing for prizes, with the initial stage that occurs before the semi-finals and then finals.
The Dukedoms was formed primarily to take part in the event, and featured three members of The Exiles, and two other members.  

Vocalist, Peter Gibson is the band's front man, and joined on stage by fellow Exiles January Vlasatik on lead guitar and Darwin Fernandez on drums, and Kurt Kerwin on the keyboard and Ronell Cruz on lead guitar.Gulf Times spoke to Gibson about his group wins the competition catch up. 
"I personally like to perform in a band and always do it in Scotland, Saudi Arabia and Qatar," he said, adding "Clash band provides an opportunity to show what they can do in front of an audience to appreciate.""Because of this competition, you work harder as a band goes the extra step to impress," he said.The band played music from all decades, including hits by Van Halen, Billy Idol, The Kinks and Foo Fighters among others. 
"'Jump' is our big opening number and I do not think we can choose better," said Gibson, adding "one juror said the best opening that has been heard in the past six years the competition has started."Gibson said he was delighted to win the competition: "The feeling was amazing, knowing that we had reached the final and win puts all the work that goes into this in perspective - it's not like a show where you have to entertain people, you also have to impress the judge. "Gibson also spoke about the live music scene in Doha, claiming that the band here will benefit from more opportunities to play. 
"There are some bands are really good gig here in Doha usual and we're all busy playing and promoting live music whenever we can," he said, adding "we support each other and live music.""The problem is where - Doha requires more live music venues," he said, noting that events like open mic nights allow like-minded people to meet and develop the music scene in Qatar. 
"Clash hooks local bands and music lovers live in a big place - the competition is fun but really it's all about promoting live music and displays a talent that may not get the chance to play in front of an audience like to appreciate such a big place," he added.

Source From GulfTimes

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