Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ROMEO & JULIET – Shakespeare 4 Kidz

Shakespeare for kids: Romeo & Juliet
Shakespeare for kids: Romeo & Juliet
Catch the magical world of Shakespeare with children’s favorite “Shakespeare 4 Kidz” in their exciting musical adaptation of Romeo & Juliet for the 1st time in Qatar.
S4K has introduced the magical world of Shakespeare to millions of young people around the world in a modern musical adaptation. Consisting of 20 professional actors, S4K managed to put together the simplified version of Shakespeare’s complex texts to a language that the kids understand and adore; and spiced it up with catchy songs and dances S4K shows leave the kids beyond dazzled.
Love and hate, laughter and tears, politics and religion, power and passion – S4K’s Romeo and Juliet has got them all.
Kids from as young as 8 will be amazed, and even adults, with memories of the long and serious school-time Shakespeare lessons, will be impressed by the new adaptation of one of the most fascinating love stories of all times.
16 Feb – 16 Feb 2012
06:00:pm – 09:00:pm
Katara Drama Theatre – Bldg 16
Shakespeare for kids: Romeo & Juliet
Shakespeare for kids: Romeo & Juliet

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